FAQ-Read First!


Tips for better search results:

  • At the top of every page is a link to each discipline.
  • You can do a simple search at the top right of the page
  • At the bottom of the table of results is a space to search each discipline in more detail.
  • The more sections you search (Year, Competition, Skater, etc), the more exact your search results will be.
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Below are abbreviations you will see in the results.

SP Short Program
FS Free Skate (Long Program)
CD Compulsory Dance
OD Original Dance
SD Short Dance
FD Free Dance
DNQ Did Not Qualify (Did not have a high enough score to advance to the main competition)
FNR Final Not Reached (short program/dance score was not high enough to get to the free skate)
WD Withdrew


Below are the country codes used for identifiying skaters’ home countries. These were taken from the ISU web site and should be accurate.Also included in this table are countries that no lonnger techically exist but did at one time (example: East Germany)

AND Andorra
ARG Argentina
ARM Armenia
AUS Australia
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijan
BEL Belgium
BER Bermuda
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BLR Belarus
BRA Brazil
BUL Bulgaria
CAN Canada
CHN China
CRO Croatia
CZE Czech Republic
DEN Denkark
ESP Spain
EST Estonia
FIN Finland
FRA France
FRG West Germany
GBR Great Britain
GDR East Germany
GEO Georgia
GER Germany
GER/FIN Germany/Finland
GRE Greece
HKG Hong Kong
HUN Hungary
IND India
IRL Ireland
ISL Iceland
ISR Israel
ITA Italy
JPN Japan
KAZ Kazakhstan
KOR Korea
LAT Latvia
LTU Lithuania
LUX Luxemborg
MEX Mexico
MNE Montenegro
MON Monaco
NED The Netherlands
NOR Norway
NZL New Zealand
OAR Olympic Athletes from Russia
PHI Philippines
POL Poland
POR Portugal
PRK North Korea
PUR Puerto Rico
ROM Romania
ROU Romania
RSA South Africa
RUS Russia
SIN Singapore
SLO Slovenia
SNG Singapore
SRB Serbia
SUI Switzerland
SVK Slovakia
SWE Sweden
THA Thailand
TPE Chinese Tapei
TUR Turkey
UKR Ukraine
URS Soviet Union
USA United States
UZB Uzbekistan
YUG Yugoslavia